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Anime Fiction (# Anime Fiction)

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  • Режиссер фильма:
  • Продюссер фильма:
  • Страна: Japan
  • Жанр фильма: Hentai
  • Год выхода фильма:
  • Продолжительность фильма: 40
  • Актеры фильма:


 Ну и наконец, о том, что собой представляет фильм # Anime Fiction по сути: 

Anime Fiction is simply put, a hentai parody gone berserk... much like its predecessors "Sailor and the 7 Ballz" and "Star Ballz". It's divided into 4 or 5 sections, I forget because just about the only thing that separates one part from the other is a blank black screen that stays on for a few seconds. Since there's absolutely no plot whatsoever, it doesn't really matter.
For the first uh, encounter, we have Spike and Faye from "Cowboy Bebop". Faye had just finished taking a shower, and when she comes out, Spike is waiting for her. They engage in various sexual activities for the next several minutes... the end. Next in line are Keitaro and Naru from "Love Hina". There's a bit of an intro here, it seems Kitsune is looking for a video to watch but finds a copy of "Star Ballz" instead. Everybody leaves the room except for Keitaro and Naru. The video is played, and soon the happy couple are emulating the video's sex scenes. Okay, next. Two anime characters who are unknown to me appear, and they proceed to f*ck. Some time later, the trademark MMG anime orgy comes into play. Suddenly you see Cardcaptor Sakura and some guy doing it... a few seconds later, it's Pokemon's Ash and Misty, Sailormercury and Piccolo... and so forth. Heck, even Jin-roh's main characters were not spared.

The artwork and overall visual quality has improved quite a bit since "Sailor and the 7 Ballz" and "Star Ballz", albeit the consistency varies from scene to scene. Almost all the anime characters are readily recognizable, but their movements are still not as smooth as we'd like. Sex is portrayed very graphically, focusing a lot on penetration scenes. The English dubbing is a joke, as usual. The voices and dialogues sound funny, but then it's not as if anyone actually says anything significant -- what you'll be hearing for most part are just moans and groans.

Anime Fiction is an average title at best. It didn't make me laugh the way "Sailor and the 7 Ballz" did, but it wasn't as tedious to watch as "Star Ballz" either. All sex and no story got stale rather quickly for me though.

There's also an Anime Fiction Vol. 2 which features characters from "Fushigi Yuugi", "Rurouni Kenshin", etc.


Немного о технических особенностях нашего экспоната:

  • Видеоформат фильма: DivX 3.11 Low Motion
  • Видео битрейт фильма: 1357
  • Аудиоформат фильма: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
  • Аудио битрейтфильма: 115
  • Разрешение фильма: 512x384
  • Фрэймрейт фильма: 23,976
  • Язык фильма: English
  • Субтитры фильма: English
  • Размер файла фильма: 400
  • Количество дисков: 1

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