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Constellation Jodorowsky, La (Созвездие Ходоровского)

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  • Режиссер фильма: Louis Mouchet
  • Продюссер фильма:
  • Страна: Switzerland
  • Жанр фильма: Documentary
  • Год выхода фильма: 1994
  • Продолжительность фильма: 85
  • Актеры фильма: Fernando Arrabal (as Himself), Peter Gabriel (as Himself), Alejandro Jodorowsky (as Himself), Marcel Marceau (as Himself), Jean Giraud (as Himself (as Jean 'Moebius' Giraud)), Jean-Pierre Vignau (as Himself), Louis Mouchet (as Himself)


 Ну и наконец, о том, что собой представляет фильм Созвездие Ходоровского по сути: 

This is a fascinating documentary about the chilean writer,director,artist alexandro jodorowsky the interviewer louis mouchet asks jodorowsky a potpourri of questions about his films,philosophy,art and his opinion and feelings on a host of subjects,mouchet begins the interview with the simple but spellbinding inquisition ‘Who are You?' to which jodorowsky replies with a tale of the emperor of china,he states that when we can define ourselves we cease to be,he shares with us his thoughts and definitions of his lifelong quest for knowledge and the unknown and his exploits into the panic movement in france and his drawings and art and how he avoided the lynching by the audience at the premiere of fando and lis,there are also interviews with his associates marcel marceau,jean giraud and the musician peter gabriel,we also learn of his plans of the project of dune which fell through and was later made by david lynch,there is also an interesting and amusing look at jodorowsky as an orator in a class of students in which mouchet is invited to join in,it is a fascinating and enlightening look at the life and works of this creative and artistic guru.


Немного о технических особенностях нашего экспоната:

  • Видеоформат фильма: DivX 3.11 Low Motion
  • Видео битрейт фильма: 946
  • Аудиоформат фильма: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
  • Аудио битрейтфильма: 191
  • Разрешение фильма: 320x240
  • Фрэймрейт фильма: 25
  • Язык фильма: Закадровый перевод 1 голос
  • Субтитры фильма:
  • Размер файла фильма: 691
  • Количество дисков: 1

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