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Shocking Shorts Vol.1 (# Shocking Shorts Vol.1)

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  • Режиссер фильма:
  • Продюссер фильма:
  • Страна:
  • Жанр фильма: Short
  • Год выхода фильма: 2000
  • Продолжительность фильма: 86
  • Актеры фильма:


 Ну и наконец, о том, что собой представляет фильм # Shocking Shorts Vol.1 по сути: 

Homerun GER,2002 Director:Paul Kneer
Lena always wanted to be different: After she meet a
vampire at a german hillbilly-disco, she really is...

Infection NZ,2000 Director:James Cunningham
Watch how a agent hacks the computer of a bank...

Freakshow USA,1999 Director:Marcus Wagner
Two little children sneak into a horrible freakshow,
check out what's happening there...(feat. Alice Cooper)

Metalstasis FRA,2001 Director:Matthew Hood
There doesn't exist sickness in the world of robots,
but there are a lot of nasty rats...

Puzzle Punk GER,2000 Director:Christian von Aster
Bella B. (drummer of the german punk-band "Die -rzte")
plays a psychotic punk, that puzzles with everything...

Soul Collectors USA,1999 Director:Rebecca Rodriguez
Hard job: Two soul collector are trying to convince a
girl of her own death...

Toyotafahrer leben lфnger GER,2002 Dir:Marcel Ahrens
Because of the high amount of people being killed while
accidents, the death starts to give driving-lessons.
Poor man: After some terrible fouls he quits his job.

Kitchen Sink NZ,1989 Director:Alison Maclean
A strange movie about a girl that pulls a man out of
her sink...

Kuppet DAN,2000 Dir:Dennis Petersen,Frederik Meldal
A heist. Four men in a car... and a train that seems to
be passing forever. (English Title: "The Heist")

Citizen Subway GER,2001 Dir:Markus Passera, Daniel
Schreiber, Michael Kupczyk
There is a timeloop in the subway, will the women get
out of it?


Немного о технических особенностях нашего экспоната:

  • Видеоформат фильма: DivX 4
  • Видео битрейт фильма: 896
  • Аудиоформат фильма: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
  • Аудио битрейтфильма: 120
  • Разрешение фильма: 440x280
  • Фрэймрейт фильма: 25
  • Язык фильма: English
  • Субтитры фильма:
  • Размер файла фильма: 8+8+60+117+60+105+35+47+48+33+114
  • Количество дисков: 1

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